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javax::faces::convert::Converter Interface Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::faces::convert::Converter:

com::sun::faces::systest::StringConverter com::sun::faces::systest::TestConverter com::sun::faces::systest::TestConverter01 javax::faces::convert::BigDecimalConverter javax::faces::convert::BigIntegerConverter javax::faces::convert::BooleanConverter javax::faces::convert::ByteConverter javax::faces::convert::CharacterConverter javax::faces::convert::DateTimeConverter javax::faces::convert::DoubleConverter javax::faces::convert::EnumConverter javax::faces::convert::FloatConverter javax::faces::convert::IntegerConverter javax::faces::convert::LongConverter javax::faces::convert::NumberConverter javax::faces::convert::ShortConverter

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Detailed Description

Converter is an interface describing a Java class that can perform Object-to-String and String-to-Object conversions between model data objects and a String representation of those objects that is suitable for rendering.

Converter implementations must have a zero-arguments public constructor. In addition, if the Converter class wishes to have configuration property values saved and restored with the component tree, the implementation must also implement StateHolder.

Starting with version 1.2 of the specification, an exception to the above zero-arguments constructor requirement has been introduced. If a converter has a single argument constructor that takes a Class instance and the Class of the data to be converted is known at converter instantiation time, this constructor must be used to instantiate the converter instead of the zero-argument version. This enables the per-class conversion of Java enumerated types.

If any Converter implementation requires a java.util.Locale to perform its job, it must obtain that Locale from the javax.faces.component.UIViewRoot of the current FacesContext, unless the Converter maintains its own Locale as part of its state.

If the class implementing Converter has a javax.faces.application.ResourceDependency annotation, the action described in ResourceDependency must be taken when javax.faces.component.ValueHolder#setConverter is called. If the class implementing Converter has a javax.faces.application.ResourceDependencies annotation, the action described in ResourceDependencies must be taken when javax.faces.component.ValueHolder#setConverter is called.

Definition at line 85 of file Converter.java.

Public Member Functions

Object getAsObject (FacesContext context, UIComponent component, String value)
String getAsString (FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value)

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