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javax::faces::convert::NumberConverter Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::faces::convert::NumberConverter:

javax::faces::convert::Converter javax::faces::component::PartialStateHolder javax::faces::component::StateHolder

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Detailed Description

Converter implementation for java.lang.Number values.

The getAsObject() method parses a String into an java.lang.Double or java.lang.Long, according to the following algorithm:

The getAsString() method expects a value of type java.lang.Number (or a subclass), and creates a formatted String according to the following algorithm:

Definition at line 130 of file NumberConverter.java.

Public Member Functions

void clearInitialState ()
Object getAsObject (FacesContext context, UIComponent component, String value)
String getAsString (FacesContext context, UIComponent component, Object value)
String getCurrencyCode ()
String getCurrencySymbol ()
Locale getLocale ()
int getMaxFractionDigits ()
int getMaxIntegerDigits ()
int getMinFractionDigits ()
int getMinIntegerDigits ()
String getPattern ()
String getType ()
boolean initialStateMarked ()
boolean isGroupingUsed ()
boolean isIntegerOnly ()
boolean isTransient ()
void markInitialState ()
void restoreState (FacesContext context, Object state)
Object saveState (FacesContext context)
void setCurrencyCode (String currencyCode)
void setCurrencySymbol (String currencySymbol)
void setGroupingUsed (boolean groupingUsed)
void setIntegerOnly (boolean integerOnly)
void setLocale (Locale locale)
void setMaxFractionDigits (int maxFractionDigits)
void setMaxIntegerDigits (int maxIntegerDigits)
void setMinFractionDigits (int minFractionDigits)
void setMinIntegerDigits (int minIntegerDigits)
void setPattern (String pattern)
void setTransient (boolean transientFlag)
void setType (String type)

Static Public Attributes

static final String CONVERTER_ID = "javax.faces.Number"
static final String CURRENCY_ID
static final String NUMBER_ID
static final String PATTERN_ID
static final String PERCENT_ID
static final String STRING_ID

Static Package Functions

 [static initializer]

Private Member Functions

void configureCurrency (NumberFormat formatter) throws Exception
void configureFormatter (NumberFormat formatter)
Locale getLocale (FacesContext context)
NumberFormat getNumberFormat (Locale locale)
boolean isMaxFractionDigitsSet ()
boolean isMaxIntegerDigitsSet ()
boolean isMinFractionDigitsSet ()
boolean isMinIntegerDigitsSet ()

Private Attributes

String currencyCode = null
String currencySymbol = null
Boolean groupingUsed = true
boolean initialState
Boolean integerOnly = false
Locale locale = null
Integer maxFractionDigits
Integer maxIntegerDigits
Integer minFractionDigits
Integer minIntegerDigits
String pattern = null
boolean transientFlag = false
String type = "number"

Static Private Attributes

static Class currencyClass
static final Class[] GET_INSTANCE_PARAM_TYPES
static final String NBSP = "\u00a0"

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