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javax::faces::context::FacesContext Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::faces::context::FacesContext:

com::sun::faces::config::InitFacesContext javax::faces::context::FacesContextWrapper

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Detailed Description

FacesContext contains all of the per-request state information related to the processing of a single JavaServer Faces request, and the rendering of the corresponding response. It is passed to, and potentially modified by, each phase of the request processing lifecycle.

A FacesContext instance is associated with a particular request at the beginning of request processing, by a call to the getFacesContext() method of the FacesContextFactory instance associated with the current web application. The instance remains active until its release() method is called, after which no further references to this instance are allowed. While a FacesContext instance is active, it must not be referenced from any thread other than the one upon which the servlet container executing this web application utilizes for the processing of this request.

Definition at line 75 of file FacesContext.java.

Public Member Functions

abstract void addMessage (String clientId, FacesMessage message)
abstract Application getApplication ()
Map< Object, Object > getAttributes ()
abstract Iterator< String > getClientIdsWithMessages ()
PhaseId getCurrentPhaseId ()
ELContext getELContext ()
ExceptionHandler getExceptionHandler ()
abstract ExternalContext getExternalContext ()
abstract Severity getMaximumSeverity ()
List< FacesMessagegetMessageList (String clientId)
List< FacesMessagegetMessageList ()
abstract Iterator< FacesMessagegetMessages (String clientId)
abstract Iterator< FacesMessagegetMessages ()
PartialViewContext getPartialViewContext ()
abstract RenderKit getRenderKit ()
abstract boolean getRenderResponse ()
abstract boolean getResponseComplete ()
abstract ResponseStream getResponseStream ()
abstract ResponseWriter getResponseWriter ()
abstract UIViewRoot getViewRoot ()
boolean isPostback ()
boolean isProcessingEvents ()
boolean isProjectStage (ProjectStage stage)
boolean isValidationFailed ()
abstract void release ()
abstract void renderResponse ()
abstract void responseComplete ()
void setCurrentPhaseId (PhaseId currentPhaseId)
void setExceptionHandler (ExceptionHandler exceptionHandler)
void setProcessingEvents (boolean processingEvents)
abstract void setResponseStream (ResponseStream responseStream)
abstract void setResponseWriter (ResponseWriter responseWriter)
abstract void setViewRoot (UIViewRoot root)
void validationFailed ()

Static Public Member Functions

static FacesContext getCurrentInstance ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void setCurrentInstance (FacesContext context)

Private Attributes

FacesContext defaultFacesContext
boolean processingEvents = true

Static Private Attributes

static ThreadLocal< FacesContextinstance

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