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javax::faces::component::UISelectMany Class Reference

Inheritance diagram for javax::faces::component::UISelectMany:

javax::faces::component::UIInput javax::faces::component::UIOutput javax::faces::component::EditableValueHolder javax::faces::component::UIComponentBase javax::faces::component::ValueHolder javax::faces::component::ValueHolder javax::faces::component::UIComponent javax::faces::component::PartialStateHolder javax::faces::event::SystemEventListenerHolder javax::faces::event::ComponentSystemEventListener javax::faces::component::StateHolder javax::faces::event::FacesListener javax::faces::component::TestSelectMany

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Detailed Description

UISelectMany is a UIComponent that represents the user's choice of a zero or more items from among a discrete set of available options. The user can modify the selected values. Optionally, the component can be preconfigured with zero or more currently selected items, by storing them as an array or Collection in the value property of the component.

This component is generally rendered as a select box or a group of checkboxes.

By default, the rendererType property must be set to "<code>javax.faces.Listbox</code>". This value can be changed by calling the setRendererType() method.

The javax.faces.render.Renderer for this component must perform the following logic on getConvertedValue():

Obtain the javax.faces.convert.Converter using the following algorithm:

If the component has an attached javax.faces.convert.Converter, use it.

If not, look for a ValueExpression for value (if any). The ValueExpression must point to something that is:

If for any reason a Converter cannot be found, assume the type to be a String array.

Use the selected javax.faces.convert.Converter (if any) to convert each element in the values array from the request to the proper type, and store the result of each conversion in a data structure, called targetForConvertedValues for discussion. Create targetForConvertedValues using the following algorithm.

Return targetForConvertedValues after populating it with the converted values.

Definition at line 230 of file UISelectMany.java.

Public Member Functions

void addClientBehavior (String eventName, ClientBehavior behavior)
void addValidator (Validator validator)
void addValueChangeListener (ValueChangeListener listener)
void broadcast (FacesEvent event) throws AbortProcessingException
void clearInitialState ()
void decode (FacesContext context)
void encodeBegin (FacesContext context) throws IOException
void encodeChildren (FacesContext context) throws IOException
void encodeEnd (FacesContext context) throws IOException
UIComponent findComponent (String expr)
Map< String, Object > getAttributes ()
int getChildCount ()
List< UIComponentgetChildren ()
Map< String, List
< ClientBehavior > > 
getClientBehaviors ()
String getClientId ()
String getClientId (FacesContext context)
String getContainerClientId (FacesContext context)
Converter getConverter ()
String getConverterMessage ()
String getDefaultEventName ()
Collection< String > getEventNames ()
UIComponent getFacet (String name)
int getFacetCount ()
Map< String, UIComponentgetFacets ()
Iterator< UIComponentgetFacetsAndChildren ()
String getFamily ()
String getId ()
List< SystemEventListenergetListenersForEventClass (Class<?extends SystemEvent > facesEventClass)
Object getLocalValue ()
UIComponent getParent ()
String getRendererType ()
boolean getRendersChildren ()
String getRequiredMessage ()
Map< String, String > getResourceBundleMap ()
Object[] getSelectedValues ()
Object getSubmittedValue ()
MethodBinding getValidator ()
String getValidatorMessage ()
Validator[] getValidators ()
Object getValue ()
ValueBinding getValueBinding (String name)
MethodBinding getValueChangeListener ()
ValueChangeListener[] getValueChangeListeners ()
ValueExpression getValueExpression (String name)
boolean initialStateMarked ()
boolean invokeOnComponent (FacesContext context, String clientId, ContextCallback callback) throws FacesException
boolean isImmediate ()
boolean isInView ()
boolean isLocalValueSet ()
boolean isRendered ()
boolean isRequired ()
boolean isTransient ()
boolean isValid ()
void markInitialState ()
void processDecodes (FacesContext context)
void processEvent (ComponentSystemEvent event) throws AbortProcessingException
void processRestoreState (FacesContext context, Object state)
Object processSaveState (FacesContext context)
void processUpdates (FacesContext context)
void processValidators (FacesContext context)
void queueEvent (FacesEvent event)
void removeValidator (Validator validator)
void removeValueChangeListener (ValueChangeListener listener)
void resetValue ()
void restoreState (FacesContext context, Object state)
Object saveState (FacesContext context)
void setConverter (Converter converter)
void setConverterMessage (String message)
void setId (String id)
void setImmediate (boolean immediate)
void setInView (boolean isInView)
void setLocalValueSet (boolean localValueSet)
void setParent (UIComponent parent)
void setRendered (boolean rendered)
void setRendererType (String rendererType)
void setRequired (boolean required)
void setRequiredMessage (String message)
void setSelectedValues (Object selectedValues[])
void setSubmittedValue (Object submittedValue)
void setTransient (boolean transientFlag)
void setValid (boolean valid)
void setValidator (MethodBinding validatorBinding)
void setValidatorMessage (String message)
void setValue (Object value)
void setValueBinding (String name, ValueBinding binding)
void setValueChangeListener (MethodBinding valueChangeListener)
void setValueExpression (String name, ValueExpression binding)
 UISelectMany ()
void updateModel (FacesContext context)
void validate (FacesContext context)

Static Public Member Functions

static boolean isEmpty (Object value)
static Object restoreAttachedState (FacesContext context, Object stateObj) throws IllegalStateException
static Object saveAttachedState (FacesContext context, Object attachedObject)

Static Public Attributes

static final String BEANINFO_KEY = "javax.faces.component.BEANINFO_KEY"
static final String COMPONENT_FAMILY = "javax.faces.SelectMany"
static final String COMPONENT_TYPE = "javax.faces.SelectMany"
static final String COMPOSITE_COMPONENT_TYPE_KEY = "javax.faces.component.COMPOSITE_COMPONENT_TYPE"
static final String COMPOSITE_FACET_NAME = "javax.faces.component.COMPOSITE_FACET_NAME"
static final String CONVERSION_MESSAGE_ID
static final String CURRENT_COMPONENT = "javax.faces.component.CURRENT_COMPONENT"
static final String FACETS_KEY = "javax.faces.component.FACETS_KEY"
static final String INVALID_MESSAGE_ID
static final String REQUIRED_MESSAGE_ID
static final String UPDATE_MESSAGE_ID
static final String VIEW_LOCATION_KEY = "javax.faces.component.VIEW_LOCATION_KEY"

Protected Member Functions

void addFacesListener (FacesListener listener)
boolean compareValues (Object previous, Object value)
Object getConvertedValue (FacesContext context, Object newSubmittedValue) throws ConverterException
FacesContext getFacesContext ()
FacesListener[] getFacesListeners (Class clazz)
Renderer getRenderer (FacesContext context)
StateHelper getStateHelper (boolean create)
StateHelper getStateHelper ()
void removeFacesListener (FacesListener listener)
void validateValue (FacesContext context, Object value)

Protected Attributes

Map< String, ValueExpression > bindings = null

Package Types

enum  PropertyKeys {
  value, immediate, methodBindingActionListener, actionExpression,
  rendered, attributes, bindings, rendererType,
  systemEventListeners, behaviors, first, rowIndex,
  rows, saved, value, var,
  lastId, prependId, lastId, value,
  localValueSet, required, requiredMessage, converterMessage,
  validatorMessage, valid, immediate, forValue = ("for"),
  showDetail, showSummary, redisplay, forValue = ("for"),
  globalOnly, showDetail, showSummary, redisplay,
  lastId, includeViewParams, outcome, value,
  converter, name, value, disble,
  itemDescription, itemDisabled, itemEscaped, itemLabel,
  itemValue, value, noSelectionOption, value,
  name, submittedValue, renderKitId, viewId,
  locale, lastId, beforePhase, afterPhase,
  phaseListeners, viewScope
enum  PropertyKeysPrivate { attributesThatAreSet }

Package Functions

Map< String, PropertyDescriptor > getDescriptorMap ()

Package Attributes

List< String > attributesThatAreSet
UIComponent compositeParent
boolean initialState
StateHelper stateHelper = null
< Validator

Private Member Functions

Iterator getValuesIterator (Object value)

Static Private Member Functions

static int countElementOccurrence (Object element, Object[] array)
static Object[] toObjectArray (Object primitiveArray)


class  ArrayIterator

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